Did you know?

Did you know your landlord does not provide insurance for your personal property?

Have you ever asked yourself , why some landlords inform you that you are "required" to have Renters Insurance?

The short answer is simple, you need to protect yourself.

The long answer is you need Renters insurance to

1) Provide Personal Liability Insurance for you and your family
2) To cover personal property in your apartment.
3) In some cases satisfy some lease agreements that have requirements for you to provide Liability insurance

What coverage does a "RENTERS INSURANCE POLICY" include?

Personal property coverage: pays to repair or replace your personal proerpty for covered perils.

Personal Liability: protects you against a cliam or lawsuit if someone is injured in your home.

Loss of use: pays your additional living expenses for things like food and rent if you must temporarily move from your apartment due to a covered peril.

If you're not sure if you have everything you need to give you peace of mind, give us a call.

Let us help you customize a policy that is right for you and fits your budget!


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